General Camp Information


  • Camp hours: Programming hours are from 9am-5pm. As we know, flexibility is key for working parents: you can drop off early (8am) or stay late (6pm) at no additional charge!
  • Meet and greet: Please join us on Sunday, May 31 from Noon - 2 pm for our annual JEA Camp Savannah Meet and Greet! Come and meet our staff; catch up with old friends and new; get your camp t-shirt and take a dip in our pool!
  • Field Trips: Throughout the summer campers will travel to exciting Savannah-area locations for field trips. All students will be transported by SCCPSS buses or the JEA buses. On weeks when we do not travel off-site, campers will participate in ‘stay-trips’ where special programming will be provided.
  • Sleepovers are exciting camp experiences that allow campers to get a feel for sleep-away camp while remaining close to home. We offer games, activities and programming in a fun, safe and supervised environment. We recognize that some children (and parents) are not ready for overnights, but want to come and get a ‘taste’ of the fun. Parents are welcome to let their child join in on the fun until 10pm if they prefer not to have their campers stay the night!
  • Shabbat Lunches: Every Friday Camp Savannah provides a special themed hot lunch in honor of Shabbat. Lunches may include hamburgers/hotdogs, chicken nuggets or tacos along with sides, a drink and dessert. Campers do not have to bring a lunch that day—however, they are welcome to pack their own lunch if you do not think they will like the meal of if they have certain dietary restrictions