Q: You’ve announced ‘All Day at the J’ as distance learning support programs. What is that exactly?

A. ‘All Day at the J’ is a  distance learning support program with a goal of providing a safe environment for your children grades K-6 to attend virtual classes and complete their educational requirements. We will support them by helping them log on to classes, making sure they complete assignments, and providing socially-distant activities when they are not participating in classes or school-related projects.

The program will give your child a sense of normalcy for the school year, provide a daily schedule and routine as well as peace of mind for you, knowing that your child will not miss a class or assignment. Our team of counselors and staff will provide an academic setting during the school day and a fun camp-like atmosphere for the afternoon.


Q: How are the children grouped and will they stay with their group with the same counselors? How many children are in a group?

A. The children will be grouped by grade whenever possible. We will base our group sizes on public health recommendations and currently are planning for no more than twelve children in a group with 1-2 counselors dependant on the room size and grade. Once formed (in each session), we will support appropriate social distancing and minimize changes in the group makeup.


Q: What are the safety precautions being taken and policies in regards to social distancing and masks?

A. All Staff and children are required to wear masks except when eating, swimming, and when socially distanced outside. During classroom time, we will work to provide appropriate social distancing. Consistent with already established protocols, children will wash their hands throughout the day, use hand sanitizer, and work to maintain distance whenever possible. JEA staff will be sanitizing the facility throughout the day and be using foggers in the rooms daily.


Q: What will the schedule look like?

A. Drop off will be at 7:25am and the day will end at 5:30pm. We are planning that during “typical” school hours of 7:40-3pm, students will participate in virtual classes or quiet individualized work including (but not limited to) Chatham County School Portal learning tools, puzzles and reading. We recognize this looks different for children in grades K-2 than it does for grades 3-6 and will make adjustments as needed. In addition to virtual learning, we will take time for lunch, outside exercise, brain breaks, snack and more. We understand the need for balance and our schedules will reflect that.

After 3pm, students will participate in our more typical afterschool programming including swimming, playground, arts and crafts, cooking, sports and more.


Q: Will you be able to print out my child’s assignments and work?

A. Unfortunately, we will not be able to print assignments for your child. Please print assignments and bring them to All Day at the J.


Q: How do children go online and engage with their teacher?

A. Those that have needed technology (laptop computer or tablet and headphones) are asked to bring them to the JEA daily (fully charged) along with headphones and charger (just in case). For those that do not have laptops, the JEA has invested in additional Chromebooks and headphones to accommodate online learning.


Q: How will the JEA be able to accommodate so many students being online at the same time?

A. The JEA has invested in a dedicated wireless 1G Mbps system (fastest available) to provide sufficient bandwidth for all students.


Q: If my child finishes their classes and work, do they have to stay in the classroom? Can they participate in another activity while the others finish their work?

A. In order to support social distancing and the need to keep groups (classes) from intermingling, we will try to group children together who have similar schedules. Within that group if the majority of the children are finished with their work, we will make accommodations for them to participate in another in-room activity while the rest of the students complete their assignment. If there are only one or two children that finish early, they will be able to work on individualized assignments, independent reading, or approved games while they wait quietly at their table.


Q: Will teachers be available to support my child’s learning?

A. While we are not a school, our goal is to support learning. We will have high school, college students, and adults available to provide assistance in their assignments. While we will check for completion and certainly help students with questions, we cannot offer personalized education. The learning piece will remain the responsibility of the teacher and parent. We will do our best to assist when possible.


Q: My child has an Individualized Educational Program (IEP). How will you support them?

A. While we will do everything possible to help all students succeed, we are not academically certified to accommodate IEPs. Children with an IEP are welcome to attend the program, but it will remain the responsibility of the teacher and parent to accommodate their educational and functional needs. 


Q: How will you handle disciplinary issues?

A. A behavior contract will be included in our parent handbook that must be signed by both the student and parents before starting the program. We will work with families on disciplinary issues, but our priority is the education and success of all of our children and reserve the right to suspend or remove any child that is hindering another child’s ability to learn.


Q: Will lunch be available?

A. No, families will be responsible for providing lunches that do not have meat(s).  We are unable to provide microwaves or ovens. Suggested menus will be provided to participants before the beginning of the program. The JEA will be providing morning and afternoon snacks.


Q: When are the deadlines to register or withdraw?

A. There is no deadline to register but we can only take a very limited number of children and it will be first-come, first-served. Once you register you are committed to participating for the entire session.


Q: What if the program doesn’t work for my child and I need to take them out?

A.  When you register for our distance learning support program we are committing that session spot to your child. Therefore, you are financially committed for the entirety of the session. 


Q: Will you help my child participate in their fine arts classes?

A. While we will offer activities such as physical education, crafts, swimming and sports, our distance learning support program will only accommodate academic learning through the schools.


Q: Does my child need to bring school supplies?

A. Yes, your child should bring all school supplies required by their teacher. Since each teacher has unique requirements, we will not be able to provide supplies. If your child does not bring the necessary supplies, we cannot guarantee that their school work will be completed. Be sure that they are sent in a labeled bag…they will be for your child’s use only.


Q: As a parent, what is expected of me?

A. Communication will be of paramount importance throughout this program. As a parent, you will need to make sure your child comes to the JEA prepared with their school supplies and assignments. You will need to provide our program directors with any teacher correspondence or updates. You will also need to provide your child’s student ID # and passwords so we can help them log in (if needed). Our staff will reach out as needed for additional expectations and requirements. This is a team effort and we cannot be successful without your help!


Q: How will I know how my child is doing?

A. We will provide a general program update weekly and each day your child will come home with documentation that their work is completed. We will reach out if necessary, but your main contact about your child’s educational progress should be directly with your child’s teacher.


Q: What happens if the JEA has a forced shut down?

A. If we have to close the JEA or any of our classes of programs due to unforeseen circumstances including, but not limited to weather emergencies, natural disasters, COVID infection, threats, and global health emergencies for more than ten days, you will receive an account credit (not cash refund) for the days that were missed.


Q: What program options are available and much do they cost?

A. At this time, the JEA is offering All Day at the J to address the distance learning committed to by the Chatham County Board of Education. A $75 registration fee (one fee covers all sessions) per child and Session payment will be due upon approved registration.


Q: Will you offer a special needs program?

A. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide special needs programming at this time.


Q: How do we register? How do I know if we have a space?

A. Please call 355-8111 Ext 206 and Sonya Carpenter will answer any questions as to availability and enrollment.


Q: When is payment due?

A. Upon notification of enrollment, participants have 72 hours to remit registration fee(s) and Session fee(s).  


Q: Is there a sibling discount?

A. Yes -- the second child registered will receive a 10% discount when registered for the same session(s).