Summer 2022 Splash & Dash


Our Splash & Dash event is a fun way for youth to get their bodies moving on land and in the water! Our Splash portion of the program will give youth 45 minutes of aquatic activity. Aquatic activities will be age-appropriate to allow those younger than 8 years old to be having fun in the shallow end of the pool, while those older than 8 years old will have an aquatic GlideFit challenge! Our Dash portion of the program will give participants 45 minutes of on-land physical activity. The Dash portion will encompass a variety of games and obstacle courses that both entice friendly competition and encourage teamwork with friends!


Date: Sunday, July 3, 2:00 - 3:30pm


Minimum required for program: 5 participants

Maximum program capacity: 15 participants


Cost: $10 Members, $15 Non-Members

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