Swimming & Pool Safety

Afterschool participants will have the opportunity to swim every Thursday, year-round. Please remember to send your child(ren) to school with a bathing suit, towel, and bag for wet clothing.

In order to ensure that everyone is comfortable and safe in the water, the JEA requires that ALL CAMPERS wear a provided life jacket until they pass a Swim Test. The Swim Test assures that all participants have a minimum ability and confidence in the water and requires that the camper is able to confidently swim (25 feet) independently without the use of a flotation device and tread water for 45 seconds maintaining their head above water.

Once a camper passes the Swim Test they are no longer required to wear a life jacket unless a parent/guardian requests otherwise.

JEA Pools are supervised by trained and certified Lifeguards at all times.

If you would like information on Group Swim lessons, Stroke Clinics, Parent & Me classes, and other Aquatics opportunities, "swim" on over to our Aquatics page and check out what the JEA has to offer!!