Policies & Procedures


  • Rates have been calculated based on the 10-month school year;
  • Refunds will not be given for days missed;
  • Please contact Jackie Laban if your camper will not be present for one of their scheduled days


Our approach to guiding camper’s behavior is one of respect and support. We are committed to helping our campers develop socially acceptable behaviors and do so through positive guidance. Each camper’s development is a growth process, and it is not realistic to expect every child to be at the same stage based on chronological age. We work to create an environment that teaches campers to behave in a responsible manner and establishes a foundation for mutual respect.

Our programs are designed to support camper’s growth and to challenge them as individuals, each with their own way of learning and sense of self in the world. We appreciate the diversity of characteristics and behaviors that each camper brings to the JEA, and it is our goal to provide programming that is responsive to the various learning styles and needs of the campers in our care.

Although we work to create a camper-centered approach, there are occasions when a camper’s behavior may require a more suitable setting. Examples of such include:

  • Endangerment of themselves, other children or anyone else at the JEA;
  • Any situation in which the accommodations for the camper’s success and participation place an unrealistic expectation on the staff, program and its resources

Other reasons for termination of enrollment include but are not limited to:

  • Delinquent payment of tuition;
  • Parent/guardian actions not in sync with our philosophy of parent partnerships including failure to abide by policies and procedures of the Children’s and Camp Departments and the JEA.