Discover your community at the Jewish Educational Alliance. For over 100 years the JEA has been dedicated to ensuring a strong and vibrant Jewish life and community. Our summer camp and wide array of enriching activities provide opportunities for you to discover your community through innovative programs designed to meet the needs of everyone from infants to adults. Regardless of your age, faith or background, you belong here. So please stop by for a tour of the JEA. We look forward to serving you.

With over 250 locations across the Nation, we are lucky that there's a JCC right here in our community. One thing all JCCs have in common is a commitment to delivering the best experience in every service offered. Whether you have children enrolled in our preschool, or you are looking for a health and fitness center, the Jewish Educational Alliance is sure to offer some of the highest-quality options.

Join for the convenience and value; stay because of the welcoming community. "Warm" and "inclusive" are words our members use to describe the JEA. Come visit us and take a tour. Talk to our members. Meet our staff. As soon as you walk in, you'll see why this isn't your average gym or community center. The Jewish Educational Alliance welcomes everyone. While celebrating our Jewish heritage and traditions, we invite you to take advantage of the services we offer and enjoy the connections you will make. You belong here!

Membership benefits include:
- Aquatic Center and Fitness Center access
- Discounts on programs, including JEA Camp Savannah and Before and After School Care
- Early registration opportunities for Aquatics programs
- And more!

Please email for membership pricing information. We have a price range for everyone!


JEA Members and Seasonal Pass Holders may bring guests. Guests MUST be accompanied by Member or Season Pass Holder and have a Guest Pass.

The JEA cannot process monetary transactions on Saturday. Please use the form below to purchase guest passes for Saturday. Use a separate form for each pass purchased. Please be prepared to show your receipt at the JEA front desk in order to obtain your printed Guest Pass.