"JEA Preschool Savannah is more than a school; It is a family and a community where everyone is included and the teachers are engaged in providing enriching educational experiences for each child.  We couldn't imagine our children going to any other preschool in Savannah"

What are the hours of operation?

8:00am - 5:30pm

Does the school provide snacks or lunch?

Healthy snacks are provided in the morning and afternoons along with milk and water.  Families provide their own 'kosher-sensitive' and nut-free lunches.  'Kosher-sensitive' includes vegetarian, dairy, and fruit options.  No meat, shellfish, or pork products, please.  Click here for lunch ideas.

What is the teacher to child ratio for each classroom

1 year old class: Yonim (Doves) =  1:5
2 year old class: G'daim Lambs)= 1:6
3 year old class: Ayalim (Rams)=  1:8
4 year old class: Doobim (Bears)=1:10

Do you have to be Jewish or a member of the JEA to attend?

We embrace diversity and welcome children of all faiths or no faith.  JEA membership is required to become a part of the Preschool community.

Is your Preschool licensed or accedited?

We are a three-star Quality Rated program (the highest accredidation possible) earned throughthe GA Depatment of Early Care and Learning.  The PreK (4-year-olds) is accredited by the National Accediting Commission.

What makes JEA Preschool Savannah special?

Enrichment classes, low teacher-child ratios, emphasis on social and emotional skills, wonderful staff.  We are a department of the JEA which has been a part of the fabric of Savannah since 1912.

How does the preschool communicate with families?

We use a program called Remini which is used to send communications through email and texts.  Pictures and daily notes are sent through this platform.

Can I visit the preschool?

Sure!  Tours are always welcome.  Click here to schedule your tour.