Personal Training


1 Hour Session/4 Pack

$192 Member/$240 Guest

SMALL GROUP (2 or more)

4-Session Package

$160 Member/$200 Guest


Per 1/2 hour class-Individual

$25 Member/$35 Guest

Kathy Ackerman is a Master Trainer in both Pilates & Yoga. She specializes in Pilates, Yoga, Cardiovascular and Strength training. Whether you are looking to run a Marathon, or simply need to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, Kathy can help you reach your goals!

A certified trainer with more than 20 years’ experience in personal training, David matches each workout with the client’s fitness level, while challenging them to get stronger and healthier. His clients range from young athletes to more seasoned adults.

Haley Burke has always had an interest in fitness, understanding the body, and helping members reach their goals! She holds a BS in Rehab Sciences and is working on her Doctor of Physical Therapy. She loves sharing knowledge with clients so they can understand why we train as we do and gain independence as they pursue their goals!

Jill Porter has worked in the Health and Fitness industry for over 30 years and has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion, certified as an Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), Group Fitness Instructor through Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), and Titleist Performance Institute (TPI, Level 1) which evaluates a golfer’s body-swing connection. Jill’s love and experience for exercise brings opportunities for aerobic conditioning, strength training, core training, functional training, balance training, biomechanics for golf and tennis, flexibility, and Senior Fitness.


Teaching Yoga for 15 years, Katy is clad in additional certifications and licenses in Massage Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Personal Fitness Training, Stretching & Flexibility Coaching, and Vocal Yoga instruction.   Her specialized sessions allow her to focus on Functional Yoga; movement, alignment, and body/breath awareness with therapeutic applications.


A former USA Boxing Coach with 8 years of boxing and mixed martial arts experience, Jacob offers instruction in boxing, kickboxing, and submission-type wrestling. Sessions can be catered to meet your needs: to get equipped with self defense basics, prepare for combat sports, or experience a challenging and exhilarating workout.

Contact: 912-665-3772,

Michael Bozeman has 27 years of ballroom dance experience, during which he has won awards and prestigious dance competitions. He offers instruction in 18 different partnership dances from Foxtrot to Salsa. Take the first step to learning to dance today, and discover a new world of joy, confidence, health, energy, and fun!

Contact: 770-709-8188