Aikido - Aikido is an excellent discipline for exercise and conditioning, an holistic practice intended to help its practitioners find "grounding" in all aspects of their life. Aikido is a Japanese martial art form.


Align & Flow Yoga - Align & Flow classes begin with a theme to inspire practice, centering and tuning into the breath. Each class includes a focus on optimal alignment, to maximize energy flow and empower you to experience greater stability, freedom and ease in each pose.


Barre Sculpt Express – A true total body workout combining moves from Pilates, ballet and yoga. This class will help you achieve long, lean muscles, lift your seat, and create a more toned midsection.


Firm It Up – Lose weight, burn fat & calories; sculpt muscles with aerobics with weights.


Pilates FlowThis class has it all! Combines the practices of Pilates and Yoga with a strong focus on core strength, flexibility, stability and breath. These movements complement each other to provide a full mind/body experience. Set to upbeat music. All levels welcome. Modifications will be introduced.

Power Pilates – A fast-paced, intense workout. This class is a fusion of classical mat Pilates and strength training, linking breath and movement in a continuous flow pattern to upbeat music. Sensational muscle sculpting, endurance, improved posture and balance. This is a multi-level class.


Racquetball - Our courts are open every afternoon! Our Open Doubles group is looking for new players. Join them Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3 - 5 pm or on Sundays, 9 am-12 pm.


Renew and Reset YogaReset your mind, your body, and commit to daily yoga practices that tend to all parts of the self. Strengthen your body and mind and start your week off with a deep breath.


SilverSneakers Circuit - Aerobic or cardiovascular exercise is the highlight of SilverSneakers Cardio Circuit. The class features upper-body strength workouts using hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles and other fun accessories in non-impact aerobic activity. A chair is available for support and easy head-to-toe stretching.



SilverSneakers Splash - You don’t need to know how to swim in this invigorating SilverSneakers water exercise class, SilverSplash. A SilverSneakers kickboard is used for stability and balance in the water. If you have arthritis or other joint conditions you'll find the water comforting and the non-impact workout stimulating.


SilverClassic – A class for seniors who are looking to strengthen their legs, and improve balance and coordination through step exercises. Upper body work intervals will be added and modifications for all levels will be explained for a fun, safe class.


SilverStretch - A slow-paced class focusing on breath and alignment as you perform gentle movements that emphasize posture, mobility, strength and deep relaxation. This class is appropriate for all levels, from first timers to seasoned yogis!


Total Body Blast - Get your heart a-pumpin’ with this aerobic workout that uses a mixture of dance, steps, and weights and beyond! Wear comfortable sneakers and be prepared to work!


Vinyasa Yoga – A  flowing class from one yoga asana to the next, strengthening and stretching the body with a deep mind and body connection. Ending with a relaxing savasana