Group Fitness

  • This is available to active JEA Members only (Silver Sneakers are allowed to attend classes Monday-Friday between 10-4).
  • Bring your own water to drink, a sweat towel, and any small weights or straps that might assist you in class. 
  • Masks are optional during fitness classes (both indoor and outdoor).
  • If you or someone in your household has a fever or other Covid-like symptoms, please stay home.

Starting December 2022!

J-Care Babysitting


Do you know about our J-Care Service? The JEA is proud to offer babysitting services to our members! Utilize this service during your time at the JEA, whether during your workout, use of the pool, or other JEA program. This ensures your experience is both child and worry free! Our CPR/First Aid/AED Certified staff members provide an environment that is safe, secure, age appropriate and entertaining. A wide variety of toys and activities are incorporated for children to enjoy.

  • GlideFIT Fitness Classes

    GlideFIT Classes will be returning in June! Click here to see all the information. These classes will challenge your balance, core strength, coordination and endurance!

Learn More About our Class Offerings Below:

*These classes are subject to change*

  • All Levels Hatha Yoga

    This is a medium-paced class with a focus on posture and breathing. Moving from Sun Salutations to Savasana, this practice will leave you balanced and refreshed.

  • Aqua Zumba

    This upbeat dance workout in the pool combines Latin rhythm and easy-to-follow movements. No dance experience is required. Join this judgement-free class to work up a sweat while moving to music you love!

  • Barre/Sculpt

    This 45-minute low-impact combo class for all levels will give you the perfect mix of Barre and Sculpt, building endurance, strength and cardiovascular health! (Non-skid socks recommended.)

  • Cardio Circuit

    This class combines a variety of cardio and muscular endurance exercises giving you a taste of step aerobics, resistance strength training, and mat work, all in one class. Join us no matter your current fitness level as we focus on improving overall cardiovascular fitness.

  • Cardio Dance

    Cardio Dance incorporates fun, low-impact dance movements, and toning with weights and bands for an excellent full-body cardio workout set to music you love!

  • Cardio Dance Fusion

    Explore dances from different times, styles and cultures in this fun, low-impact aerobics class. Enjoy music and dance moves from Brazil, India, Africa, Jamaica, and more as we get a fun, cardio workout.

  • Dance & Tone

    This class incorporates choreographed dance moves to favorite hits. There will be toning with weights, bands, balls and more to firm up the core!

  • Firm It Up

    This energetic class combines both strength and cardio to music you love! Some of the benefits of the class include improved endurance, strength and overall muscle tone.

  • Gentle Yoga

    This yoga class consists of yoga poses modified to individual needs. Our gentle yoga class includes gentle movement sequences to help improve the body’s movement patterns, flexibility, and mobility and will encourage deep breathing and relaxation. (Although this is not Chair Yoga, chairs are available if needed.)

  • Power Pilates

    Pilates principles are applied in this invigorating, full-body, low-impact, high-intensity workout. This class strengthens muscles and burns fat, and is designed for all levels.

  • Sunny Side Up Yoga

    Expect an all-levels, intermediate Vinyasa practice with your every-morning Hatha essentials to balance your energy and kick off the day. This class includes standing and balancing poses, floor and systematic relaxations.

  • Total Body Blast

    This HIIT-style class is designed to give you a full-body workout combining both strength and cardio exercises. This class will challenge you and help improve cardiovascular endurance, strength and mobility.

  • Water Aerobics

    This class meets in the shallow area of the pool. It is an excellent aerobic workout that provides intensity without the impact on your joints. Join this high-energy class and change up your routine in the pool!

  • Zumba

    Enjoy a high-cardio dance class set to your level using Latin dance rhythms.

  • Zumba Toning

    This class combines body sculpting and high-energy cardio and dance moves to a variety of music, and includes the use of equipment such as weights and resistance bands.