Swim Lessons at the JEA

Swim lessons at the JEA are offered at YOUR availability! Whether you are looking for private, semi-private or small-group sessions, we have an instructor and a time-slot for you. Swim lessons are 30 minutes long and are custom to each swimmer.

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To find your swimmer, simply put their name in the search bar in th following format: Last Name, First Name.

JEA Swim Instructors

Contact Kirby (aquatics@savj.org) today to set up lessons with one of the JEA's qualified instructors: 

Kirby Southerland - Kirby Southerland is the Aquatics Director at the JEA. She brings eight years of experience teaching swimming lessons for swimmers of all ages. As a certified Water Safety Instructor, she is trained to work with all swimming abilities.

Hayley Almstead - Hayley Almstead  is a WSI certified swim instructor. With her background in primary education, she brings to the table a passion for teaching and a life-long love for the water from her competitive swimming experience.

Adiel Hatchett - Adiel Hatchett has over 20 years in the aquatics industry. He is a Water Safety Instructor Trainer, and has worked with all ages and skills of swimmers. Adiel uses his years of experience to offer a fun, fast-paced swim class!

Jayeson York - Jayeson York brings with him six years of experience in the water; all of those have been at the JEA! Jayeson works well with swimmers of all ages to provide a fun and educational experience in the pool!

Parent-N-Child Aquatics

Two class offerings for different ages. Parent-Infant is for children 6-18 months. Parent-Toddler is 18 months to 3 years old.

In these class, parents are taught how to safely introduce new swimming and water safety skills that are developmentally appropriate and engaging for infants and young children. Parent and Child Aquatics is not designed to teach children to become good swimmers on their own or even to survive in the water on their own, but teaches basic skills to get parent and child comfortable in the water.

Group 30 minute lessons - 4 lesson commitment


Member Value Price: $55 (four 30-minute sessions)

Non-Member Price: $70 (four 30-minute sessions)


Watch for new registration forms.


All Tots need to be accompanied in the water by an adult. If a child is not yet potty trained, they must wear "swimmers" and not regular diapers when in the pool.

Parent/Infant & Toddler Swim Lessons

Swim Lesson Prices

Private - 1 Child (4-30 min. sessions)
Price: $110.00
Member Value Price: $90.00

Semi-Private - 2 Children (4-30 min. sessions)
Price: $85.00 per child
Member Value Price: $ 70 per child


Small Group - 3-5 children (4-30 min. sessions)

Price: $75 per child

Member Value Price: $60 per child

Swim Lessons