Oudoor Pool

The state-of-the-art JEA Outdoor Pool is equipped with a family-friendly, zero-entry slope, splash pad, and our beloved slide.   Summer 2024 hours will be posted in the spring, check back in for Pool Happenings!

Indoor Pool

Talk about multi-use--the JEA Indoor Pool is home to Water Aerobics classes, Swim Lessons, Introduction to Water Safety, JEA Swim Team, and lap swimmers....each one of them competing for the same space.  Cooperation is the word of the day as each group jockeys for space and that available space changes from season to season depending on weather, school schedules, and more.

See the Lap Swim Schedule of hours when there is Open Swim or lap lane availability--we do our best to provide opportunities whenever we can.

Lap Swimming Etiquette

Here are five simple rules that swimmers of all abilities can follow to make Open Lap Swimming a more enjoyable experience for everyone:

  1. Come to the pool expecting to circlular swim. - Circle swimming is standard when lap swimming. In most places, that means staying to the right of the black line, switching sides when you make your turn. Yes, having a lane to yourself is awesome, but if you show up to the pool, expect that you will be circle swimming. If there are fewer than three people to your lane, you will probably split a lane, this is also a lucky break.
  2. When it comes to claiming an empty lane, first come first served! - And if you lose out on an empty lane because you weren't there first, remember the previous rule: circle swim rules the pool.
  3. Patience, patience, patience - Most lap swimmers simply want to get a good workout in without making it more difficult for the other swimmers. When entering a lane with a swimmer in motion, attempt to get their attention at the end of the pool where you would like to enter. Swimmers may split the lane when only two people are swimming, but once the third enters the water, remember the previous rule(s): circle swim rules the pool.
  4. It doesn't matter what you've swum before, we're all at open swim. Leave lots of room to be passed if need be and be a polite passer. If you're stopping at the wall, move as far to the side of the wall as possible. Remember, its just as scary to have a fast swimmer whip past you swimming butterfly as it is frustrating to be stuck behind a sidestroker. Be polite and do the best you can. It's not the end of the world. Lifeguards will be available to assist with proper lane placement.
  5. Treat others as you would like to be treated. The golden rule applies to everything, even open swim! Be the lane mate you would like to swim with. Be patient, courteous, and acknowledge the other swimmers as they enter your lane and as they swim. It's such a simple thing, but it will make swimming a good experience for us all.

Open Swim Availability

(Over 50 hours per week of Open Swim)


3:00-6:00pm (limited lanes)

12-6:00pm (limited lanes)

9am - 6:00pm (limited lanes all hours)

For Aquatics questions or concerns, please reach out to our Aquatics Director