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Starting March 2, 2017

Barre' Sculpt Express

Thursdays 9:15-10:15 am in the Aerobics Studio


This class is a true total-body workout: cardio, Pilates and weightlifting all in one! Suitable for all levels, this fast-paced class is set to rhythmic music and is designed as a low-impact, strengthening and toning workout that focuses on the whole body. Combining moves from Pilates, ballet and yoga, this class will help you achieve lean muscles, lift your seat and create a more toned midsection.


Your instructor is Helena Maslansky, CPT, Certified Bender Barre' Academy, Certified Pilates Instructor



Starting March 2, 2017


Tuesdays & Thursdays, 7-8 pm in the Aerobics Studio


Often called the way of peace or harmony, Aikido is one of Japan's "National Treasures." It is designed to be effective against multiple attackers of greater size and strength. It is an excellent discipline for exercise and conditioning and is an holistic practice intended to help its practitioners find "grounding" and "centeredness."


Cost: $50/month for JEA Members, $70/month for Non-Members


Contact Kat Ackerman for more information,

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