Envision a Savannah without the Jewish Educational Alliance

It's Nearly Impossible.

For more than a century, the JEA has been the heart of Jewish life in Savannah. We serve as a hub for members of all three local synagogues as well as unaffiliated Jews and non-Jews alike. More than just a building, the JEA is home. A place where people come together and Jewish culture thrives. A place where families make memories and generations grow.
Our current home was built in 1954 and has been a cornerstone of Jewish life ever since. Over the decades, the JEA has continually adapted to meet the growing needs of our members and the community. We've welcomed new families and expanded programs while maintaining the time-honored traditions of our Jewish heritage and culture.
From 5ks to concerts, and film festivals to summer camp, the JEA has a proud tradition of hosting events and programs that appeal to varied interests.

Envision Our Impact

The JEA matters. Countless people from Savannah and around the world have benefitted from the programs, experiences, and services offered here. Our building’s unique facade and prominent location at one of the busiest intersections in the city make it a well-known entity. It has long been a source of pride for the Jewish community. We have a responsibility to ensure that future generations have a home at the JEA where they can grow and flourish in a nurturing environment.

Envision A State-of-The-Art JEA

It’s been over 3 decades since any major renovations have been made to our home. As we continue to grow and meet the needs of our community, so must our facility. Although the JEA is, indeed, more than just a building, the structure itself is in desperate need of updates. Renovations will allow us to offer more youth, fitness, and aquatic programs which will attract even more families to our Alliance. But more than that, the enhancements we make now will benefit our children and our children’s children.
For more than a year, JEA leadership and the Capital Campaign Committee have conducted a thorough review of our facilities to determine what renovations and upgrades are necessary. We have developed plans to guarantee that the JEA continues to meet the needs of our members and community well into the future. 

Envision Our Legacy

Our goal is to raise $5 million in the next 5 years,10 percent of which will be placed in an endowment for future capital needs. It’s a lofty goal and reaching it will take all of us. We simply can’t do it without you. We invite you to be a stakeholder and help make this new dream a reality. Together, we can shape the future of Jewish life in Savannah and leave a legacy that will make us all proud.

For more information, contact capitalcampaign@savj.org

Check out all the progress that has already started!

All new rubber hexagonal dumbbells, rubber plates of many different weights, and new bars for those with smaller hands (the bars are smaller and therefore easier to grip).

Look at a that gleaming gym floor with the brand new logo in the middle!