“The teachers are what make JEA Preschool Savannah so magical. They go the extra mile because they genuinely care about and love each child, making them feel comfortable and safe each day. Our two children feel secure in their classrooms, which makes them more willing to be independent and enthusiastic learners. They are excited to go to school every day, and so much of that excitement is fostered by our teachers.” 

- Allison and Mark Konter

Jodi Sadler 


JEA Preschool Savannah


Jodi has many years of experience as an educator. She holds a BA in Early Childhood Education from the University of GA and a Master's degree in Education from Armstrong Atlantic State University. She was instrumental in creating the JEA preschool program and has been the Director since its inception. Jodi is passionate about working with teachers, children and families in order to provide a quality program to the members of our community. 

Contact Jodi at jodi@savj.org

Heather Lieberfarb, 

Assistant Director,

JEA Preschool Savannah 


Heather as over 15 years classroom educator experience, and nine years of administrative experience. She holds a BA in Women and Children’s Health and Development with a minor in Psychology and Early Childhood Development from the University of Massachusetts.  She loves working in conjunction with teachers, children and families to build a strong partnership that nurtures, educates and uplifts our community.


Contact Heather at asstdirector@savj.org

Caitlin Johnson,

Office Coordinator,

JEA Preschool Savannah


Caitlin received her Bachelor’s of Arts in History from Armstrong Atlantic State University. She gained administrative and management experience by operating the Savannah office of a respected insurance company.

Caitlin enjoys spending time with her family: husband Armando, son Olliver and their two four legged children, Artemis and Dany.


Contact Caitlin at preschool@savj.org

Our Teachers

Abigail Warden
Lead Teacher G'Daim B
Amanda Newport
Lead Teacher Ayalim A
Brooke Foster
Lead Teacher Yonim B
Danielle Erney
Lead Teacher Ayalim B
Ella Taufik
Lead Teacher G'Daim A

Megan LaFontaine

Lead Teacher Doobim

Natasha Ocasio-Rodriguez
Lead Teacher Yonim A
Penny Berkman
Lead Teacher Doobim
Ever Burton-Dooley
Assistant Teacher Yonim B
Kierra Rouse
Assistant Teacher
Lucile Smith
Assistant Teacher
Regina Clark
Assistant Teacher
Rose Fishman
Assistant Teacher G'daim A
Tricia Lawson
Assistant Teacher
Tzila Lemberger
Assistant Teacher
Whitney Robertson
Assistant Teacher Ayalim A