Our Teachers


Professional Development and Teacher Appreciation

Professional development and teacher training are integral components of our commitment to excellence in education at our preschool. Throughout the year, our educators engage in a variety of enriching opportunities designed to enhance their skills, deepen their understanding of child development, and stay abreast of best practices in early childhood education. From workshops and seminars led by industry experts to peer collaboration sessions and reflective practices, our teachers are empowered to continuously grow and evolve. By investing in ongoing professional development, we ensure that our teachers are inspired, informed, and equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to provide the highest quality care and education for our young learners.

At our preschool, we believe in honoring and celebrating the dedication and hard work of our teachers throughout the year. From small gestures of appreciation to larger celebrations, we strive to create a culture of gratitude and recognition. These celebrations not only uplift spirits but also strengthen bonds within our school community, fostering a supportive and positive environment where teachers feel valued and appreciated.

Lead Teachers

Ever Burton-Dooley

Danielle Erney

Rose Fishman

Melody Green

Sonyua Groover

Janine Lowry

Amanda Newport

Natasha Ocasio-Rodriguez

Kierra Rouse

Assistant Teachers

Tiera Brown

Regina Clark

Sailor Hutton

Jasmine Jackson

Tzila Lemberger

Jordyn Linfoot

Stephanie Newton

Stephanie Oglesby

Whitney Robertson

Brenda Romero

Jamie Smith

Lucile Smith