“We think of JEA Preschool Savannah as an extension of our family. All three of our children have received the benefits of their loving and experienced staff, excellent facilities and thoughtful, age-appropriate curriculum. We love it here!” – Ana and Joel Allen

Growth & Development


Emphasis on different areas of child development:


Cognitive & Language

Learning to read and write is a developmental process that children pass through in a variety of ways and at different ages. Reading and writing are embedded in all areas of the curriculum which includes math, science, music, art and movement.


Active children develop their gross and fine motor skills through play, both indoors and outside. Students will participate in a wide range of activities to develop and enhance gross motor skills including climbing, jumping and ball games. Fine motor skills will be nurtured through a multitude of art experiences such as drawing or coloring, creating with play dough, and bead stringing. Weekly swimming lessons are provided as part of the curriculum in the four-year old class.

Social, Emotional & Moral

Sharing is caring! At a young age children can learn the concepts of fairness, friendship and respect for others.