Preschool Enrichment Activities


“ We could not be more pleased with JEA Preschool!  Our expectations were rather small when our first child started here 5 years ago, but over time (and two more children) we have come to realize that JEA Preschool sets the bar above the rest.  The groundwork for our children’s Jewish identities and foundation for becoming good people were largely shaped by their experiences here.  We’ve been very happy with the informative, thoughtful, open lines of communication,  the variety of on-campus enrichment activities, the informative teaching of sustainability and gardening, the attention to security and safety, and the principles and traditions of Judaism taught in a way that all can appreciate.  These factors have given us great comfort as we navigate our children’s early years.  Keep up the great work!” – Garrett and Ross Kaminsky

Enrichment Classes

  • Flour Power Baking Class

    A 6-week introduction to baking class. Children learn practical experience with essential skills such as listening, language skills, following directions, measuring, development of hand-eye coordination and other fine motor skills - all while having fun and leave each class with a delicious treat.

  • Potpourri Art Class

    A 6-week class that gives an early childhood experience in art. Children will use their imaginations, follow directions while creating clay pinch pots, and watercolor masterpieces, along with other fun art projects! Click image to enroll.

  • Small Hands Sewing Class

    A 6 week class for preschooler’s introduction to sewing. Children will develop fine motor skills, build self-confidence, and practice following directions through the various sewing projects.

Youth Sports

  • MICRO Sportz

    The MICRO Sportz Enrichment Program is designed to help introduce the Doobim and Ayalim classes to a wide variety of sports, from the more traditionally known sports to some more unique options in the youth sports world.

  • Youth Sports

    The JEA Youth Sports Department offers many season options for youth sports. Click the link above to check them all out!