“The ALEF Fund stipend for Pre-K families has kept our daughters enrolled at JEA Preschool Savannah. Our five-year old underwent a wildly successful cardiac surgery this year, and subsequent events led to a major shift in our household income. We have been at the JEA for five years, and after eight months on a single income, we cannot imagine what this year would have be like without the JEA and this assistance. This fund has made all the difference in our lives, as we watch our two girls grow and learn in this special place – where educators are passionate and community is at the forefront. As we work toward financial stabiity once more, our mission is to give back to the Jewish community here in Savannah.” – Chase Reiss and Jamie Ryan

Since 2008, Aleffund.org has obligated almost $10 MILLION in scholarship dollars to Jewish Pre-K programs, day schools and high schools in Georgia.


JEA Preschool Savannah is a participating partner in this Georgia Student Scholarship Organization.


Be part of this exciting opportunity:

  • You can redirect a portion of your Georgia taxes and earn a dollar-for-dollar State of Georgia Tax Credit.
  • You will be helping Jewish children grow their Jewish identity at virtually no cost to you - it may even be a net savings!
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