“JEA Preschool Savannah is more than a school. It is a family and a community where everyone is included, and the teachers are engaged in providing enriching educational experiences for each child. We couldn’t imagine our children going to any other preschool in Savannah.” – Parent Testimonial


At JEA Preschool Savannah, your child’s curiosity and passions will be nurtured with learning experiences based on his or her interests. Our experienced educators support the “whole child,” including social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.  

Experiences planned by the classroom teachers are play based and hands-on. A strong emphasis is placed on the social-emotional development of children. Problem solving, self-regulation, and conflict resolution are important life skills that children will learn. 

Children one and walking independently through four years old are welcome to participate during the hours of 8:00 am-5:30 pm, Monday through Friday. 

When your child attends JEA Preschool, you’ll be part of the JEA community. Many parents tell us they have made life-long friends with families they’ve met through us.