What to bring:

- Kosher style or parve packed lunch 

- Water bottle 

- Bathing suit and towel 

- Change of clothes 

- A positive attitude

- For E-Learning Days, please make sure campers bring all materials needed to complete assignments


Kosher Lunch Ideas:

Side Items: Cheese sticks/string cheese, Yogurt, Hard-boiled eggs, Cereal, Pudding, Granola or cereal Bar, chips, Fruit (fresh, dried or fruit cup), Cut-up Vegetables with Hummus or Dressing, Fruit roll ups, Popcorn, Cookies or Crackers

Main Items: 

- Sandwiches on bread, bagels, pita, mini bagels or in a wrap

- Fill with peanut butter, jelly, honey, avocado, hummus, cheese, cream cheese, lox, tuna fish, egg salad, butter, margarine

- Cheese and Crackers

- Pasta

- Salads with dressing on the side