Meet Our Team

DJ Horton, Camp Director, has led JEA Camp Savannah for over a decade and a half.  DJ is most proud of the number of children who began as campers and have now matured to staff--sharing their love of camp with generations of Savannahians.

Jackie Laban, Assistant Director, has over 16 years experience working with children. She is excited to plan activities that teach campers about Jewish/Israeli customs, values and traditions, and is looking forward to another fantastic summer.

Makayla Taylor, Team Leader, has been at the JEA for five years. You can see Makayla at After School, Days at the J, Kids Night Out, and Camp. Makayla is currently pursuing her teaching degree even though she is a superior teacher already! We are lucky to see Makayla's shining face every day of summer.

Emma Loncon, Team Leader, began as a 5-year-old camper, LIT, CIT, Swim Instructor, Camp Aquatics Coordinator, Lifeguard, and is currently a Team leader across many of our programs. During the 'off season,' Garrison School for Performing Arts is lucky to have Emma as one of their Guidance Counselors.

Jared Sclar, Team Leader hails from Brooklyn NY and is a proud graduate of SCAD.  Jared has extensive experience in Youth Sports and is a new addition to the JEA family.  During the 'camp off season,' Jared is the JEA Recreation Director, guiding many different programs for children aged 2-15 years.  

Sarah Docar, Camp Registrar, is our resident 'jack of all  trades.'  Throughout the year she manages our Food for Thought luncheon program, is the Office Manager for the Federation and JEA, and runs the PJ Library. But when it comes to Summertime, Sarah is our Registrar extraordinaire, handling it all.

Support Team 

Callie Smith, Health & Wellness Director's association with the JEA goes back to when she was a 5-year old participant in Youth Soccer! She holds a BA in Business Administration and a Masters degree in Health & Wellness.  Callie was the Recreation Coordinator before taking over the Fitness Department at the JEA, and has her hand in developing and supporting many programs.

Kate Perry, Aquatics Director is "everything pools."  You can see Kate maintaining the Indoor and Outdoor Pools, running a pool party, teaching Lifeguard classes, doing continuing staff training, and leading classes.  She will be a part of every camper's experience in the water; guiding instructional swim, testing the camper's ability, and supervising the counselors in the water. 

Jessi Rush, Camp Swim Instructor, has grown up at the JEA.  Progressing from a camper to a lifeguard, to a swim instructor, Jessi loves working with children and has not only given swim lessons to many, she has worked in the Children's Department over the past two years.  A high-achiever, Jessi is a dual enrollee in High School and at Georgia Southern University.