Health & Safety

Our number one priority at Camp Savannah has always been to provide a safe and engaging environment for our campers and staff and that has not changed! We follow the recommendations and guidelines of the American Camp Association (ACA), the Department of Health (DPH) and our local officials. We understand it is hard to miss camp, but we ask that you keep your camper home if they aren’t feeling well or if they are symptomatic. Any camper who displays visible symptoms of illness will not be accepted into camp that day. This includes but is not limited to: coughing, sneezing, runny nose, rash, and/or lethargy. We ask that you err on the side of caution and be especially sensitive to all of our families and the possibility of contagion.

A Team Leader will attempt to notify parents immediately of issues they deem to be major. For medical emergencies, 911 will be contacted. We generally do not call parents regarding minor issues which are easily taken care of and do not significantly affect the camper’s day, such as cuts, scrapes, bruises and insect bites. Campers that receive any type of first aid will be given a note to take home describing the issue and treatment provided.

If your child has any medications that must be administered at camp, they must be in their original container and box, and given to a Team Leader by the parent/guardian. Prescription medication must have a prescription label stating the correct physician issued instructions.

Swimming & Sun Safety

Swimming: We love swimming at Camp Savannah! In order to ensure that everyone is comfortable and safe in the water, we require that ALL campers wear a life jacket (provided by the JEA) until they pass a swim test. Once a camper passes a swim test they are no longer required to wear a life jacket unless a parent/guardian request otherwise.

Each group will swim multiple times each week. The campers will switch between free-swim and group-structured swim lessons. If you would like information on additional swim lessons, hop on over to our Aquatics page and check out what the JEA has to offer!

: Please apply sunscreen daily. We ask that all campers bring sunscreen with them to camp. Counselors will remind campers to apply sunscreen periodically throughout the day to avoid sunburn. If needed, campers will be assisted with applying sunscreen.

: It is important that our campers stay hydrated throughout the day. Please send your camper with a reusable water bottle that is clearly marked with their first and last name. We have a water bottle filler station in our camp hallway for campers to use.