Camp Groups


During the summer, our younger campers experience a wide variety of age-appropriate activities and instruction so they can discover what they like to do most. As campers mature and develop their own unique interests, they get to exercise more choice in their schedule through electives.

Our camp is divided into three units: Rishonim (the first ones), Habonim (the builders) and Manhigim (leaders).

All campers will have the opportunity to swim, go on field trips/enjoy special guest visitors and participate in a Shabbat celebration weekly. 


Rishonim (K-2nd)

Rishonim - includes our rising kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade campers. Besides the daily rotations, they will participate in structured swim and have the opportunity to choose a daily elective. They will also be able to participate in our special summer Kids’ Night Out-Stay Late Edition which allows Rishonim campers to get a taste of a sleep over without staying the night. 

Rishonim Groups:

Dag/Kohav-Yam: Rising Kindergarten

Tzav/Tzav-Yam: Rising 1st

Trigon: Rising 2nd 

Habonim (3rd-5th)

Habonim - encompasses our rising 3rd, 4th and 5th grade campers. They will have the opportunity to make two elective choices per day where they can explore their desired activities. They will also be able to participate in our special summer Kids’ Night Out-Sleepover Edition.

Habonim Groups

Meduzot: Rising 3rd 

Dolfinim: Rising 4th

Karish: Rising 5th

Manhigim (6th-10th)

Manhigim - is composed of our Leaders in Training (LITs) and Counselors in Training (CITs). On top of participating in regular camp activities, they will go on service learning field trips and work on leadership development. These campers will get the chance to participate in a special summer Kids’ Night Out-Sleepover Edition that will also include an outing. 

  • The LIT program is for rising 6th-8th graders and is designed to give our older campers an opportunity to function in the camp community as aspiring leaders and role models to younger campers, as well as learn the value of giving back to our community. In addition to rotating through the normal camp schedule, they will participate in:  

~ Service Learning Projects

~ Group Shadowing

~ Leadership Development

~ Junior Guard

  • The CIT program, for rising 9th and 10th graders, gives them the opportunity to take their leadership skills to the next level by assisting the counselors with groups and helping to lead activities. With a hands-on approach it gives them the chance to build self-confidence and gain experience while acquiring important problem solving and communication skills for future challenges in the classroom or on the job. In addition to this, our CITs will participate in:

~ Off-site service-learning projects

~  Become CPR/1st Aid Certified

~ Opportunities to learn from members of our community on topics such as digital footprints, job readiness training and anti-bullying/inclusivity

Manhigim Groups

LIT-Aleph: Rising 6th

LIT-Bet: Rising 7th-8th

CIT: Rising 9th-10th