Children and Camp

The Children and Camp Departments run year-round at the JEA, and are here for all of your childcare needs.
Our programs include: Before and After School Care, Days at the JKids' Night Out and JEA Camp Savannah

All of our programs provide children with nurturing experiences that help promote social, emotional and intellectual development. Our diverse programs teach universal values that encourage children to explore aspects of Jewish traditions while remaining culturally sensitive to others. We provide a positive atmosphere that is fundamentally focused on creating lasting and positive relationships. 

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  • DJ Horton

    DJ Horton has been the Director of the Camp & Children's program for over a decade. Thousands of families throughout Savannah know DJ for his leadership, guidance and love of children. Perhaps the greatest compliment to DJ is that dozens of former campers are now Team Leaders and Counselors.

  • Jackie Laban

    Jackie Laban, our Assistant Camp & Children's Director has been working in Children’s and Camp programs for almost 15 years. A former camper, Jackie loves guiding children through all stages of life. She was instrumental in administering COVID school when the JEA transitioned to an all-day remote learning facility two years ago. Jackie loves "all things water" and is an accomplished water skier.