The JEA and Savannah Jewish Federation are proud to present an array of interesting, engaging, educational and sometimes, just plain fun programs from Savannah and around the country.


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    Tuesday, April 20 --- 6:00 pm
    Through his creative weaving together of Jewish liturgy, Biblical verses, and reflections on religious life, contemporary Israeli musician Ishay Ribo has been embraced by Jews around the world. Delve into his songs to uncover their levels of meaning, and appreciate how this deeply religious music has transcended cultural divisions among Jews, both within Israel and abroad.

  • Shmoozing with Laurence Gartel --- Free Event

    Tuesday, April 20 --- 7:00 pm
    Laurence Gartel is known to the world as the “FATHER” of Digital Art for over 40-years. His work has been exhibited with the Museum of Modern Art, Long Beach Museum of Art, Princeton Art Museum, Norton Museum of Art as well as included in the permanent collections of the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of American History, Bibliothque Nationale Paris and Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum, London. This is truly a unique opportunity!

  • Bringing Israel Home w/Chef Michael Solomonov - Free Event

    Wednesday, April 21 --- 8:00 pm --- GALILEE CULINARY INSTITUTE
    Chef Solomonov speaks with Lior Lev Sercarz of Galilee Culinary Institute, a one-of-a-kind culinary institution that combines culinary and restaurant expertise. Based in Israel’s Galilee, a mountainous region and micro-climate where fertile lands, mountains, and rivers create an unparalleled location for a thriving agricultural region, GCI is a total-immersion culinary institution. Recipe for this evening: Stuffed Eggplant

  • Voices That Heal --- A Free Event

    Thursday, April 22 --- 11:00 am
    Composers have looked to nature for inspiration in their music for centuries. As we take time to reflect on Earth Day, comfort your soul with music that takes us through the beauty and serenity of the Earth. Chad Sonka and Kourtney Tigner, MT-BC, explore music performed by Savannah VOICE Festival artists that relaxes and celebrates Mother Nature.

  • Food for Thought - Savannah Voice --- Free Event

    Thursday, April 22 --- 1:00 pm
    Grab your lunch, set up your monitor and speakers and get ready for our special friends, Savannah Voice.: From Stage to Screen. In this wonderful presentation, artists and editors of SVF join an audience on Zoom to play some of the segments they have produced during social distancing and discuss the process and stories behind the pivot that the Festival made in music streaming. Executive Director of the VOICE Festival Maria Zouves leads the session.

  • Book & Author Event: Michael Ian Black -- FREE EVENT

    Thursday, April 22 --- 6:00pm
    In a world in which the word masculinity now often goes hand in hand with toxic, Michael Ian Black offers up a way forward for boys, men and anyone who loves them. Honest, funny and hopeful, Black skillfully navigates the complex gender issues of our time.

  • The Changing Dynamics of the US Supreme Court --- Free Event

    Friday, April 23 --- 12:00 pm
    Join Ronna Greff Schnieder, Constitutional Law Professor at the University of Cincinnati, as she examines the debate over First Amendment protection of hate speech, explores the Court's approach to the separation of religion and the state as well as the potential tension between religious liberties and other civil rights, and addresses the role of the Supreme Court and the challenges it faces in these divisive and difficult times.

  • Miracle Nation --- Free Event

    Tuesday, April 27 --- 11:00 am
    MIRACLE NATION: Severy Stories about the Spirit of Israel. Accompany us on this inspiring multimedia journey about Israel from pre-state days to the present. Author Israela Meyerstein will share stories about exceptional individuals who participate in humanitarian Tikkun Olam projects in Israel and worldwide that exemplify Biblical humanistic values.

  • Philip Roth: The Biography ---Free Event

    Tuesday, April 27 --- 6:00 pm
    Join author Blake Bailey and guest moderator Michael Hoberman, professor of American Literature at Fitchburg State University, for a fascinating presentation and discussion about literary giant Philip Roth. Appointed by Philip Roth and granted independence and complete access, Blake Bailey spent years poring over Roth’s personal archive, interviewing his friends, lovers, and colleagues, and engaging Roth himself in breathtakingly candid conversations.

  • Schmoozing with Andrew Rose --- Free Event

    Tuesday, April 27 --- 7:00 pm
    Andrew M. Rose is President and CEO of Kvell Communications, which specializes in the strategic planning and implementation of marketing and fundraising solutions for Jewish non-profit organizations. With decades of experience promoting Jewish causes regionally and internationally, Kvell Communications offers a complete spectrum of promotional services with a special focus on the unique needs and nuances of the Jewish audience.

  • Food for Thought - Israel Consul General to the Southeast --- Free Event

    Thursday, April 29 --- 1:00 pm
    Grab your lunch and the screen of your choice and join us with guest Anat Sultan-Dudon in conversation with Federation Executive Director, Adam Solender on the role and responsibilities of the Consul General and how she works with American communities. The Consul General will also be available to answer any questions that you may have.

  • Escape to Israel --- Free Event

    Thursday, April 29 --- 1:00 pm
    Zoom In for an exclusive and unmatched close up look at Israel's northern border with Lebanon and Syria. Our Jeep and drone experience will offer views and perspective you cannot get anywhere else - or any other way. The geopolitical complexities and global implications of the complex situation with Israel-Syria-Lebanon makes this a must-view experience!

  • An Evening with Hadassah Lieberman --- Free Event

    Thursday, April 29 --- 6:30 pm
    Hadassah Lieberman’s life story has an ending like no other: the daughter of Holocaust survivors, born when Europe was barely on the road to recovery, she moved to America, went to university, built a successful career and then married the 22nd Jew to serve in the United States Senate. She will share the compelling narrative of that life and her multiple identities as an immigrant, an American, a Jew, a working woman, wife, mother and grandmother.

  • Rachel Bloom and Tovah Feldshuh --- Free Event

    Thursday, April 29 --- 7:00 pm
    Join Golden Globe and Emmy Award winner, co-creator and star of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Rachel Bloom, and six-time Emmy and Tony nominee Tovah Feldshuh as they discuss humor, family, writing, and how to laugh in a time when humor seems almost impossible, while sharing stories and musings from their two recent books.

  • The Apostle Paul: A 1st Century Reform Jew? --- Free Event from HUC

    Tuesday, May 4 --- 6:00 pm
    Paul’s disparagement of the Torah and his conferral of the Abrahamic covenant on Gentiles have earned him the reputation among Jews as a perfidious huckster who abandoned Judaism to create another religion. Is it possible we've been too hard on Paul? Might modern Jews come to see him as a loyal Jew – indeed a Jew much like ourselves?

  • Letty Cotton Pogrebin --- On Women's Rights and Wrongs --- Free Event

    Tuesday, May 4 --- 7:30 pm
    Writer, speaker, lifelong activist, a founding editor of Ms. magazine, cofounder of the National Women’s Political Caucus, Letty Cottin Pogrebin has been on the frontlines of crucial battles for women’s equality for more than half a century. Now, with our nation fractured, a new Democratic White House and a conservative majority on the Supreme Court for years to come, Letty will join her daughter, author-journalist Abigail Pogrebin

  • Receiving the Torah in the Face of Trauma --- Free Event

    Thursday, May 6 --- 1:00 pm
    Join in a conversation with Rabbi Ruti Regan about receiving Torah in a time of trauma. Shavuot is a time to celebrate our receiving the Torah. We're still facing a pandemic that has cost many in our communities their lives and their health, and much of the ritual that would normally support us through a time of crisis has been impossible. In times like these, what does it look like to receive Torah and what will it take to sustain us for the future?

  • Escape to Israel --- Free Event

    Tuesday, May 11 --- 1:00 pm
    Together we will help beautify the amazing Yemin Orde Youth Village, a long time Federation partner in Israel. Through this workshop with local artists and leaders at Yemin Orde, each of us will create a small art piece to be added to a larger Mosaic Mural installation at the youth village

  • Jews & Color --- Free Event from HUC

    Tuesday, May 11 --- 6:00 pm
    When the Torah first calls us a People, coming out of Egypt, we are described as an erev rav, a “mixed multitude.” It’s time to refute the definition of Jews as a race – which has been used to justify antisemitism, violence, and even genocide – and adopt a definition of covenant as the foundation of Jewish peoplehood, one that embraces Jews of color and celebrates diversity and inclusion.

  • An Evening with Juliana Margulies --- Free Event

    Wednesday, May 12 --- 6:30 pm
    In her unflinchingly candid new memoir, Sunshine Girl: An Unexpected Life, Margulies focuses less on the statuettes and stardom than on toxic relationships, a working mother’s guilt and the choices she made navigating a chaotic family and the seductions of life as a Hollywood star.

    Ms. Margulies joins us to share those intimate stories and the lessons she’s discovered in her quest to make sense of the Sunshine Girl.

  • Intersectional Jewish Identities --- Free Event from HUC

    Thursday, May 13 --- 3:00 pm
    We often speak of American Jews in ways that elide their differences or that assume they are all Ashkenazi or white. But American Jews are characterized by vibrant ethnic and racial diversity. Through her sociological scholarship on Sephardic Jews in America and her own identity as a Latina immigrant, Dr. Bitton will help us consider what is required to nourish a Jewish American diversity project that is complex, rich and compelling.

  • Author Jennifer Weiner --- Free Event

    Thursday, May 13 --- 6:30 pm
    Over the course of 18 books that have sold more than 11 million copies, Jennifer Weiner has returned again and again to the heart of women’s lives, to the power of female friendships, surviving our pasts and confronting our futures – and won herself years on The New York Times bestseller list with her sharp observations about characters who feel entirely familiar.

  • Tangled Identities, Evolving Beliefs --- Free Event

    Thursday, May 20 --- 11:30 am
    What comes first: the “American” or the “Jewish”? How have the dual — and sometimes dueling—identities morphed in Jewish thought over the past two generations? Dr. Michael Marmur and Rabbi David Ellenson, will delve into the shifting soundscape around questions of loyalty and belonging, religious practice, secular discontents and the creative American recasting of Jewish peoplehood.

  • Pilgrims & Prisoners: Jews on the High Seas --- Free Event from HUC

    Thursday, May 27 --- 1:00 pm
    Braving pirates and mother nature, medieval Jews pursued their business, communal, and religious interests by crossing the known world, at great risk and, at times, even greater reward. Voyage through time on the pilgrimages, explorations, and trade routes that shaped the medieval Jewish experience.

  • Chagall & The Bible --- Free Event from HUC

    Tuesday, June 8 ---3:00 pm
    Marc Chagall was profoundly inspired by the Bible throughout his career, producing biblical works in a broad array of mediums. Discover how memories of his youth in Vitebsk, his 1931 visit to Palestine, the Russian Revolution, the Holocaust, his personal religiosity, and his admiration for the old masters, informed his imagination to create uniquely modern visual interpretations of the core text of the Jewish people.

  • Escape to Israel --- Free Event

    Wednesday, June 9 --- 1:00 pm
    One of Israel's top modern writers and novelists Etgar Keret joins us to share his story on becoming a writer and what is means to be a writer in Israel, writing primarily in Hebrew. This project will also include representatives from, and in support of the Israel Center For Educational Innovation, our Federation partner promoting literacy in Israel.

  • Escape to Israel --- Free Event

    Thursday, June 10 --- 1:00 pm
    Explore a live look at the most famous and historically important streets throughout Tel Aviv. The "White City" of Tel Aviv includes the infamous bauhaus architecture that lines the elegant and charming streets of central Tel Aviv. Many of Tel Aviv's historic buildings and landmarks are included among these remarkable buildings and city squares.

  • Jews, Whiteness, Power & Privilege --- Free Event from HUC

    Tuesday, June 22 --- 1:30 pm
    Are American Jews white? The question, answered differently by different generations of American Jews, gets at the heart of American Jewish identity. Have Jews remained separate and distinct from the rest of middle-class America or have they assimilated so much that they have become white? Journey back through history and discover some (surprising) insights into the debate over Jewish whiteness.