The JEA and Savannah Jewish Federation are proud to present an array of interesting, engaging, educational and sometimes, just plain fun programs from Savannah and around the country.


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  • JDC Israel Forum: Responding to Emergencies

    Monday, June 21 --- 11:00 am
    Over the past year, Israeli society has experienced crisis after crisis. The COVID pandemic, the tragedy at Mount Meron, the security emergency in the South, and the civil emergency in mixed cities. These events affected all Israelis – but vulnerable populations were hit hardest. Hear how JDC, with Federation support, responded immediately to each of these crises, and find out what they are doing today to get vulnerable Israelis back on their feet.

  • Black-Jewish Relations: Past, Present & Future

    Monday, June 21 --- 7:00 pm
    Join the Hartford Jewish Federation for a conversation that will paint the arc of Jewish/Black relationships over thelast several decades and help us envision how to move forward together. Our esteemed panelists will share their expertise and personal stories, providing rich context for our own pursuit of racial equity.
    Panelists include Susannah Heschel and Deacon Art Miller . Advanced registration required

  • Jews, Whiteness, Power & Privilege --- Free Event from HUC

    Tuesday, June 22 --- 1:30 pm
    Are American Jews white? The question, answered differently by different generations of American Jews, gets at the heart of American Jewish identity. Have Jews remained separate and distinct from the rest of middle-class America or have they assimilated so much that they have become white? Journey back through history and discover some (surprising) insights into the debate over Jewish whiteness.

  • Israeli's Weigh In: A Deep Dive Into JPPI's Pluralism Index

    Wednesday, June 23 --- 12:00 pm
    Federations work to strengthen Israeli society, to support a caring, vibrant, inclusive and secure country. Join JPPI as we delve into two issues from their 2021 Pluralism Index – religious diversity and Arab-Jewish relations – through the lens of Israeli public opinion. And learn how we can use this data to inform our communities’ strategic investment in Israel and Israelis.

  • A Simple Guide to the Most Misunderstood Country on Earth

    Wednesday, June 23, 2021 --- 7:00 pm
    Join JNF-USA IsraelCast host Steven Shalowitz and author Noa Tishby for a live Q&A session about her book, Israel: A Simple Guide to the Most Misunderstood Country on Earth. While many seem to have opinions about Israel, few know all the facts. Noa Tishby fills in the information gap by offering a fresh, all-encompassing view and bringing her straight-shooting, engaging, and slightly irreverent voice to the subject.

  • The History of Zionism - The Arabs Attack, the British Retreat...

    Wednesday, June 23 --- 8:00 pm
    Faced with mounting Arab resistance to growing Jewish immigration, land purchases, and economic expansion, the British began retreating from their commitment to help establish a national Jewish home in Palestine. This session describes the escalating Arab violence, the evolution of a British policy of appeasement, and the efforts of the Jews to take responsibility for their own defense.

  • National Jewish Playwrighting Contest

    Thursday, June 24 --- 8:00 pm
    Join the Jewish Plays Project (JPP) in partnership with VirtualJ for a one of a kind, fast-paced combination of a play reading, talent competition, and more. During the event, JPP founder David Winitsky will screen three video excerpts from the top three finalists, followed by a live vote and crown an international winner. The winning play gets a workshop production in New York City.

  • The History of Zionism - Israel Gains its Independence

    Wednesday, June 30 --- 8:00 pm
    The conclusion of World War II brought about a changed geopolitical reality that opened up prospects for establishing a Jewish state with the backing of the leading powers—despite opposition from the British and from the Arabs of Palestine and neighboring countries. At the same time, the Jews of Israel, numbering not much more than half a million, faced overwhelming odds in founding and defending their state.

  • The History of Zionism - The Miraculous State Takes Shape

    Wednesday, July 7 --- 8:00 pm
    Even after its against-all-odds victory in the War of Independence, Israel’s future was far from assured. It faced the challenge of uniting a populace marked by clashing ideological beliefs, creating the institutions and traditions needed for democratic governance, absorbing waves of largely impoverished immigrants, and facing the threat of an increasingly powerful and motivated Arab world seeking a “second round” intended to destroy a Jewish state.

  • The History of Zionism - Six Days That Transformed the Middle East

    Wednesday, July 14 --- 8:00 pm
    In June 1967, as a consequence of regional developments more than a decade in the making, Israel was forced to go to war against its three most powerful neighbors, led by Egypt’s Nasser, the wildly popular champion of pan-Arabism. Within six days, Israel dealt a devastating blow to its enemies, not only redrawing the map of the Middle East but shaping the strategy of all the key players in the region

  • The History of Zionism - The War of Attrition, Yom Kippur War,& Resilience

    Wednesday, July 21 --- 8:00 pm
    Following victory in the Six-Day War, Israel had little respite as Egypt launched a protracted War of Attrition and, later, carried out an attack on Yom Kippur, together with Syria, whose early successes appeared to threaten the very existence of the Jewish state. Though Israel reversed its losses and forged a remarkable victory, the effects of the war on the nation’s morale and its international position—brought about the greatest crisis in history.

  • Jewish Pride: Rebuilding a People

    Wednesday, July 28 --- 7:00 pm
    Join JNF IsraelCast host Steven Shalowitz and author Ben Freeman for a live Q&A session about his book. Inspired by his experiences with LGBTQ+ pride, Freeman aims to educate, inspire, and empower Jewish people to reject the shame of antisemitism imposed on Jews by the non-Jewish world, as well as non-Jewish perceptions of what it means to be a Jew.

  • The History of Zionism - Israel Becomes a Regional Power

    Wednesday, July 28 --- 8:00 pm
    The year 1977 was a watershed for Israel as the country saw its first handoff of power after three decades under the rule of the Labor Party, and shortly afterwards hosted a historic visit by Egypt’s Sadat, which paved the way for a peace treaty with the strongest and most implacable of Israel’s foes.

  • The History of Zionism - Seeking Peace -Deterrence, Defense, & Diplomacy

    Wednesday, August 4 --- 8:00 pm
    As we look back on the many miraculous moments leading up to the birth of the modern State of Israel, few are more remarkable than the events surrounding the United Nations vote on partition. It is a tale of President Truman overriding George Marshall thanks in part to the president’s friendship with the Jewish Eddie Jacobson; of the Soviet Bloc joining the West in a rare moment of unity; and many other astonishing events.

  • The History of Zionism - Israel's Economy & Society Transformed

    Wednesday, August 11 --- 8:00 pm
    Israel was founded largely by Socialists who believed social justice with growth in a manner that would enable it to overcome its massive economic challenges and serve as a model to be emulated. Over the 3/4 of a century , Israel has in fact been a remarkable success story economically, but instead of doing so as a model of Socialism, it has established itself over the last generation as Start-Up Nation, a model of innovation and individual initiative.

  • Under the Stretcher

    Wednesday, August 25 --- 7:00 pm
    Join JNF IsraelCast host Steven Shalowitz and author Max Levin for a live Q&A session about his book. Under the Stretcher takes you into “Operation Protective Edge," the 2014 conflict between Israel and Gaza, shared through the eyes of Max Levin, an American-born Israeli soldier who immigrated in 2012 to join the Israeli army.