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New class at the JEA!

History of Israel/Palestine 1900-Present

Taught by Ken Miller

8-week course beginning November 8

Thursdays, 11:15am-12:15pm


Most people, when they think of the establishment of the State of Israel, think of the War of Independence in 1948 as the beginning of this history of the Jews and their return to Israel as the homeland of the Jews. However, in reality, this process began in the 19th century and was not the result of the Zionist Revolution begun by the World Jewish Congress.


The process of the creation of the State of Israel began before WW I as an International series of events, with European powers vying for the control of the Mideast at the expense of the Ottoman Empire, the ruling power of both the Mideast and North Africa. World War I became the enterprise in which these powers fought and manipulated for their control of the region which resulted in the establishment of an Israel, not as a goal but as the surprise after affect and as the beginning of a series of conflicts which pushed the Europeans and Ottomans out of the arena and which shaped Israel’s modern history to the conditions which exist today.


This course details the sequence of events which began with the desire of Jews to return to their homeland as a minor international issue into what would become a major conflict with the Islamic world.


Each of the eight class presentations are independent presentations. Participants need not attend all to benefit from the course.


Weekly Class Topics

1. The Ottoman Empire and WW1

2. Post WW1, the Mandate Period and Jewish Aspirations

3. Post WW2 and the Partition Plan

4. 1948 War for Independence

5. The Suez Crisis and Pre1967 War

6. June 1967 - The Six Day War and Palestinian Terrorism

7. Post 1967 Israel and the Yom Kippur War

8. Israel in Lebanon to the Present


Class is free but please consider making a donation to the Savannah Jewish Federation for continued Israel Education.

For more information or to RSVP contact Orly Henkin at or 912.355.8111.

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