4 2018

Art Gallery Reception

1:00PM - 3:00PM  

Jewish Educational Alliance 5111 Abercorn St.
Savannah, GA 31405

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Featuring the Art Quilters of the Lowcountry


“Art in Stitches” exhibit showcases fiber art by the Art Quilters of the Low Country.  The Quilters use fabric, thread and quilting to create the illusion of 3-dimensional art. The images presented range from realistic to abstract.

The Quilters are four gals and a guy – Ron Hodge, Shaaron Thomas, Peg Weschke, Donna Stankiewicz and Jody Wigton.  

Ron creates his art with various fabrics including linen, velvet, organza and many others but there is always one constant – his beautiful beading. Shaaron is an incredible artist who paints on silk and then quilts and embellishes with beads and thread painting. Peg creates realistic scenes of the beauty of the low country with fabric collages and thread-painting. Donna transforms her original drawings into gorgeous representational works of art, Jody uses color and improvisational piecing to create beautiful abstract art.

 Each award-winning artist has a unique approach to their art that, when brought together, creates a must-see fiber exhibit.